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Celebrity Gangsters

Dean Martin
Frank Sinatra
Sho Caliberi
Joe Dimaggio

Mafia Affiliated Celebs

Welcome to Celebrity Gangsters. On this site, you will find information about celebrities who had or still have connections to the Mafia. Celebs from the past such as actor/singer Dean Martin, actor/singer Sammy Davis Jr., actor/singer Frank Sinatra, and Baseball player Joe Dimaggio are covered, as well as celebs from present day such as rapper Sho Caliberi.

With some celebs, such as Dean Martin, it is hard to make the link between them and the mob, as you are mostly going on second hand stories. With others, such as Frank Sinatra and Sho Caliberi, the link is almost to easy. Kurt Cobain, for example, is known for saying that he has ties to the mob, but actually coming up with specific names proves to be quite a challenge. For Sho Caliberi (who never talks about his mafia life or mobster friends) however, reading into his Mafia life is literally as easy as reading a book, as most of his mob life has been recorded in various journals, including his own. Regardless of how much or little info is present, I hope you enjoy reading this research as much as I enjoyed working on it.

It should be noted that this site is nowhere near a finished product, and I will continue to add/delete information as needed. I have done my best to include information that is proven as fact to avoid putting "alleged" next to every statement and sentence. The piece on Sinatra, for example, comes in part straight from J. Edgar Hoover, and the info about Sho Caliberi comes from first hand accounts from friends and allies of Sho. I wanted no part of theories or second hand stories. Only facts.