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Sho Caliberi

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Sho Caliberi
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Sho Caliberi

R&B recording artist Sho Caliberi was born in Los Angeles, CA. The date of his birth is unknown, but at the date of this writing (2008), he is believed to be 20-23 years old. Unlike many famous gangsters, very little is known about Sho's personal life where as his MAFIA life is layed out nearly perfectly. No one really knows who Sho's parents are, exactly how old he is, or where he is from, not even those closest to him know much about his personal life. But since the journals of Ephram Nelson, Vito Lasala, and other known Mafia men have been released to the public, Sho's Mafia life, and life of the Mafiosa in general, has become easily traceable. Already a La Cosa Nostra legend by the time he was at or around the young age of 15, Sho is regarded by many in the criminal underground as the "baddest man alive", a title that he earned through his armed and unarmed combat abilities. Sho started his journey in the mob at the age of 8, cleaning different mafia owned buisnesses. Sho graduated from this glorified janitor role to become a sports bookie and loan shark for the Sonetti/Lasala family. At some point during his youth, Caliberi sidelined as a black market arms dealer with his partner and ex- Navy SEAL, Ephram Nelson. It is believed that Sho's superior combat skills were earned during these young teenage years by training with Ephram Nelson who, immediatly after his Navy SEAL career, became a SEAL hand-to-hand combat instructor. Sho, along with Ephram, were among the world's most respected gun runners, selling arms to everyone from drug cartel and syndicate bosses to heads of states. It is during his trips to South America that Sho became involved in Brazillian style "Vale Tudo" (anything goes) fighting. (This fighting is similar to Americanized 'Ultimate Fighting' such as the UFC, except there are no rules in Brazillian Vale Tudo circuit; even weapons are used on occasion.) Sometime in his mid teens, Sho was contracted with his partner Ephram by an unkown syndicate boss in Columbia (known simply as "Richie") to arm his soldiers. When Sho and Ephram arrived in Columbia, Richie told them, "One of my partners is a rat and I need him dead". Richie asked Sho and Ephram to "wack" his partner, and Sho agreed. Sho never planned on making the "hit", however. According to Ephram (courtesy of the Ephram Nelson Journals) "I told Sho, 'We can't kill this man' and Sho was like, 'I know man but we gotta bide our time'. Sho just wanted to go with the flow until we seen our chance to get out. But it was hard cause this fucker (Richie) had his guards with us and we were on his damn plane!" 

Richie flew Sho and Ephram to Brazil to meet the man they were to kill. Ephram said: "The plane landed and we seen it was in the middle of nowhere. I can't believe how calm and cool that little mother fucker (Sho) was in the worst situations even at such a young age. He couldn't be rattled for nothin. But the plane landed and the airstrip was just in the middle of a field with jungle all around so Sho told me to to say that I had to go to the bathroom. Sho knew that they would just lead me to the bushes when I said this, and he had told me to run and keep on running. But instead, they didn't lead me to the woods, they let me go alone. But I couldn't run. I stayed in the woods to see what Sho would do. I seen them strip him of his guns and then start beating him. They tied him up....." The next few lines of Ephram's journal are unreadable due to water damage, then Ephram continues: "I came out with my gun drawn. Although Sho'd already been beaten really badly, he was able to barely scream out the words 'to many, run!'. When the guys heard this, they remembered me in the woods and they came looking for me, so I ran. God forgive me, I ran. I knew that we'd been set up, but at this time I didn't know why. I just knew that my partner was dead." But Sho didn't die. As luck would have it, Antonio Sonetti, leader of the Sonetti/Lasala family that Sho and Ephram worked for, sent his men to attack Richie's syndicate. As the 7 guards of Richie drove down the road with Sho gagged and tied up in the back seat, the Sonetti soldiers ambushed them. When the Sonetti soldiers seen Sho tied up, they took him back to Antonio Sonetti. After nursing Sho back to health, Antonio began giving Caliberi larger jobs. Sho soon began working for Sonetti family luetinant Vito Lasala. Sho's first job for Lasala was to guard the dancers at the Sonetti owned strip club in Brazil. After showcasing his skill with a gun and his fists, Sho began to move up the ranks fast. Sho Caliberi continued to work for Vito Lasala until Lasala was killed at the age of 46. As recently as January of 2008, Sho Caliberi has been seen with Paul Dimarco, who is believed to be in charge of day to day operations in the Genovese family. The whereabouts of Sho Caliberi today are unknown. On occasion, however, he has made himself seen, usually with other mobsters. It has been reported that Sho caliberi is working as a recording engineer.